Frequently Asked Questions

How is this all free?

Google is investing in Indian businesses by creating and paying for your .net domain registry for 12 months. HostGator is providing you with hosting, their leading site building tool, and support.



Who will my .net domain be registered to?


The domain is registered to you. HostGator manages it and will provide the tools for editing the DNS records after the initial year, but the domain registration is yours. However, you can move the domain to any other registration service provider after the initial 60 days time.


What if I already have a domain? Can I still use it with this program?

The program is designed to promote new websites for businesses, at present you cannot use existing domains with the program. However, we will soon roll out a process for you to use your existing domain with this program, if you want your domains to be managed from one single place!


What if I want to use my free .in domain for another website hosted elsewhere?

You can certainly do so at the end of the initial year. The program is designed for businesses to get started using the complete package we provide for free and hosting is an integral part of it. HostGator provides the ability to manage the DNS for your domain which would give you the flexibility of using the domain with any hosting if you decide not to renew the domain and hosting with them. However, we believe you would like the overall program experience, as Google and HostGator will be with you at every step to help you with anything you need.

If you wish to use your domain with another host during the 1 year free period, there will be a onetime charge of Rs. 500 (plus applicable taxes) per domain to update the DNS or transfer the domain.


How much will it cost after year 1?

Your first 12 months for the domain registration and hosting are absolutely free. Afterwards, renew your services with HostGator at a greatly discounted rate. Renew your .net domain for only INR 399/year (normally INR 999/year). Note: Domain pricing not included in the hosting package below. customers are being given a special opportunity to renew their account with HostGator per the following price points:

  • Renew for another 1 year  - INR 99.99/month (normally 315.00/month)
  • Renew for another 2 years - INR 84.99/month (normally 267.71/month)
  • Renew for another 3 years - INR 74.99/month (normally 222.22/month)

This special pricing for Indiagetonline customers is based on the Hatchling offer, which supports a single domain name, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited emails. Long term packages are billed upfront.


Why do you ask for my PAN card and validation information?

To be part of the program, it is mandatory that you or your organization resides in India. PAN card is your national identity proof and it is something we would use for the validation of your resident status in India.


Can I host my website somewhere else after year 1? How much will it cost to switch?

You are free to come and go as you please. We hope that you will love the ease-of-use and flexibility of the HostGator service so much that you will never want to leave. At the end of your free 12 months, if you choose not to renew your domain with HostGator, it will be released and can be registered by anyone.


What kind of help can I get when setting up my website?

HostGator's dedicated support team is there to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to send them an email at


Or call them over toll-free at: 1800-266-3000