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What we're doing?

It's challenging to get people to notice your business in a country as vast and diverse as India. We have a solution: we can help you get your business online. We will provide the necessary tools, tips and resources to succeed online.

What we offer?

  • A free Google My Business page
  • An easy to build professional website from HostGator
  • A domain name, email accounts and website hosting from HostGator

Why we're doing it?

We want to connect small businesses to their customers online. Small businesses are the dynamic units that are driving India's economy. They harness the entrepreneurial spirit of the people to support growth and innovation. Accounting for 95% of the industrial units in the country, small businesses account for 45% of the total exports and are the second-largest employers. But despite their large presence they lack visibility, especially online. Many small businesses do not have their own websites, and cannot reach consumers searching for local products and services online.

We can bridge this gap. If you are running a small business and want an online presence that will expand your reach to the 300 million online Indians (and also consumers and dealers abroad), join India Get Your Business Online. It will give you a free Google My Business page, a low cost easy to build website and online tools-all you need to build an effective presence in the world wide web.